Couples/Friends Lemongrass Exfoliation Scrub

This is the ultimate aromatherapy art of exfoliating lemongrass scrub massaged into the skin sloughing off dead skin cells to regenerate new growth. This is our most popular service given by two licensed cosmetologists. Warm towels are then applied awaiting our nourishing body butter massage cream to hydrate. Enriched with vitamin A, B, C & E leaves newer healthier glowing skin, strengthens elasticity of new cell growth and improves blood circulation. Perfect for anniversary couples, brides and grooms, mothers and daughters, or best friends. This is our clients favorite service. Note: Price below is the cost for TWO guests.

  • 30 min. ~ $88
    • 45 min. ~ $132
      • 60 min. ~ $158
        • 90 min. ~ $264
          Signature ~ Massage

          This traditional Swedish massage employs gentle flowing strokes, kneading and circular movements to soothe muscles. Induce relaxation of the nervous system and the entire body with our signature massage.

          • 30 min. ~ $44
            • 45 min. ~ $66
              • 60 min. ~ $79
                • 90 min. ~ $132
                  • 120 min. ~ $178
                    Hot Stone ~ Treatment

                    This ancient art of healing uses smooth, heated basalt stones combined with massage for an exceptional spa experience. The therapist’s touch and the warm stones will melt away stress and bring relief to tense muscles and sore joints.

                    • 60 min. ~ $92
                      • 90 min. ~ $144
                        • 120 min. ~ $198
                          Deep Tissue ~ Massage

                          Using slow, firm strokes and concentrated deep pressure on specific areas of chronic discomfort will help increase flexibility; relieve sore muscles and speed up muscle recovery due to over-exertion. Not recommended for first-time massages. A variety of techniques are used, including trigger point facial and cross- fiber+ friction to work muscle fibers and help release chronic pattern of muscle tension.

                          • 30 min. ~ $54
                            • 60 min. ~ $98
                              • 90 min. ~ $154
                                Pre-Natal ~ Massage

                                Specially trained therapists work to relieve pain associated with backaches, leg cramps, headaches and sciatica. We use body cushions specifically designed for this special time. Massages are not recommended in the first trimester. Unfortunately, this service cannot be performed when the pregnancy is past seven months or considered high risk. A physician’s consent is much appreciated. Thank you for your understanding!

                                • 30 min. ~ $49
                                  Indian Head ~ Massage

                                  This is an ancient Eastern treatment that concentrates on your head, face, neck and shoulders. Helps relieve stress, anxiety and mental tension while cleansing and re-balancing the whole body.

                                  • 30 min. ~ $44
                                    • 45 min. ~ $67
                                      • 60 min. ~ $79
                                        Reflexology ~ Treatment

                                        This foot massage treatment releases energy that the total body benefits from. The pressure points stimulate the nervous system to accommodate full relaxation. Don’t miss out.

                                        • 30 min. ~ $44
                                          • 60 min. ~ $79
                                            Couples/Friends ~ Massage

                                            Enjoy our full body signature massage with a friend or loved one. Two massage therapists will work in unison in one room applying the therapeutic art of massage to your special needs. A perfect experience for anniversary couples, bride and groom, mother and daughter or best friends. Please note: Prices below are for two people.

                                            • 30 min. ~ $88
                                              • 60 min. ~ $154
                                                • 90 min. ~ $242
                                                  • 120 min. ~ $319
                                                    Chair ~ Massage

                                                    Energize yourself with a quick tune-up. Problem areas such as neck, shoulders, back and arms can be relieved within a matter of minutes. Custom massage is treated over clothes. We recommend laying on our table for complete relaxation.

                                                    • 15 min. ~ $22
                                                      • 30 min. ~ $44
                                                        Massage and Blow-Out

                                                        After any massage or any other treatment add-on, finish up with a wash & style to make your day perfect!

                                                        • 30 min. ~ $25
                                                          • Shoulder length & Longer ~ $30
                                                            Herbal Thai ~ Massage

                                                            Enjoy this herbal massage, transforming traditional therapy into a blissful spa experience, using hot herbal compresses to add heat, steam and the benefits of essential oils.

                                                            • 60 min. ~ $96
                                                              • 90 min. ~ $138