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Facial Treatments

Hydrafacial ~ Facial

A patented technology using exfoliating tip paired with suction to cleanse dead skin cells, extract sebum, dirt and debris. Hydrate skin while increasing collagen production, tightening and firming the skin. 75 min. includes a light, 10 min. neck/shoulder massage.

  • 60 min. ~ $163
  • 75 min. with plant peel ~ $189

    Microdermabrasion ~ Facial

    Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions. The procedure uses a special applicator with an abrasive surface to gently sand away the thick outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it.

    • 60 min. ~ $149
    • 90 min. ~ $189 - Includes a relaxing hand, shoulder, neck, and scalp massage

      Dermaplane ~ Facial

      A gentle exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells and felis hair while triggering skin cell regeneration. This procedure helps reduce wrinkles, acne, serum penetration deeper into your epidermis. Makeup applied feels smoother, and lasts longer. Includes a 10 min. neck/shoulder massage.

      • 60 min. ~ $91

        European ~ Facial

        Indulge in this classic European facial tailored exclusively to your skin type. Our extended facial includes our science proven products to nourish replenish and firm the skin to reduce visible signs of aging. Green tea exfoliation and vitamin E hydration improves elasticity. A Shea butter massage is welcomed to the shoulders, neck and arms to finish this international treat. Sun damaged or prematurely aging skin becomes firmer healthier and gains a radiant complexion.

        • 30 min. ~ $53
        • 45 min. ~ $71
        • 75 min. ~ $121
        • 90 min. ~ $139

          Signature Escape ~ Facial

          We will analyze the condition of your skin and customize a treatment just for you. We begin with a specific deep pore cleansing, toning, sage scrub, vitamin masque, and then an indulging hydration to restore damaged skin cells. Balancing energy movements, lymphatic drainage and a relaxing massage of the face, neck, shoulders, hands and feet are also included in this signature balancing treatment.

          • 75 min. ~ $123
          • 90 min. ~ $144

            Restorative Moisturizing Facial

            This luxurious facial is designed to combat the effects of the dry summer and winter. The healing properties of floral extracts will bring much needed relief. Enjoy the benefits of this hydrating mask allowing your skin to heal and repair for a softer, smoother texture and glow.

            • 60 min. ~ $114
            • 90 min. ~ $156

              Luxury Aromatherapy ~ Facial

              This opulent facial relaxes the mind and body with the aromatic power of essential oils. Silk amino acids polypeptides are infused to improve elasticity and diminish fine lines to bring back a youthful glow. An extended amount of massage with our custom blended lemon grass and sage elixir rejuvenates and purifies the skin. Refines, brightens & tones the skin – formulated with folic acid and vitamin c to help loosen dead skin cells. Deep exfoliation is achieved breaking down the layers of skin while helping to stimulate collagen synthesis and circulation.

              • 75 min. ~ $129
              • 90 min. ~ $166

                Anti-Aging ~ Facial

                Combat hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity with this age defying treatment. Face, neck and shoulder area are massaged while you fall asleep. With the use of exfoliates, vitamins and minerals, we can restore and transform your skin’s health inside and out. Promotes collagen growth and delivers deep hydration to all layers of the skin.

                • 30 min. ~ $54
                • 60 min. ~ $93
                • 90 min. ~ $142

                  Organic ~ Facial

                  Our relaxing facial utilizes natural pure ingredients created by Mother Nature to soften, soothe, and hydrate the skin. These efficacious compounds are proven to repair damage and strengthen skin tone. Enjoy the benefits’ of additional massage of the scalp, shoulder and neck. Our extended facial includes a hydrating and pore refining mask and fabulous hand massage. Enjoy the benefits of additional (not wanting it to end) scalp massage. Note: Scalp massage is offered ONLY with the 75 min. session in prices below.

                  • 30 min. ~ $53
                  • 75 min. ~ $118
                  • 90 min. ~ $141

                    Sea Mineral ~ Facial

                    This mineral facial renews and softens the skin by infusing lavender, chamomile, lime and cornflower extracts into a marine algae antioxidant base, renewing the skin with strength and vitality. This process will restore damaged cells with a youthful appearance. Excellent for a dull complexion or skin showing signs of fatigue and stress.

                    • 60 min. ~ $108
                    • 90 min. ~ $152

                      Skin Balancing ~ Acne Facial

                      This treatment starts with a consultation and skin analysis. Each session is customized with clinical grade acne fighting ingredients. This facial is designed to kill acne causing bacteria and exfoliate the skin. Our products are proven to diminish acne by our clients if used correctly. Clients will see dramatic results.

                      • 60 min. ~ $94
                      • 90 min. ~ $156

                        Crystal Lightening ~ Facial

                        This facial begins with a cleansing and gentle exfoliation to remove unwanted impurities. A mineral balancing enzyme peel is coupled with a Vitamin C mask that results in a lighter, brighter skin tone. Penetration of these products will deliver a smooth and luminous glow.

                        • 60 min. ~ $96
                        • 90 min. ~ $161

                          Enzyme Exfoliation ~ Facial

                          This enzyme peel is great for all skin types! This alternative peel does not use glycolic acid products. It exfoliates to remove dead cell buildup, refines the pores and stimulates new cell production. This facial acts as a mini peel and exfoliation. Massage of the scalp, shoulders and neck are blissful!

                          • 60 min. ~ $106
                          • 90 min. ~ $156

                            Hydrating Martini ~ Facial

                            A night of unforgettable fun with friends! A hydrating martini facial followed by Martini’s at Rye Restaurant. This facial consists of a relaxing green tea scrub and an aloe base mask to hydrate, reduce fine lines and brighten the skin. One drink coupon is included with the purchase of a 60 minute or 90 minute facial. *Must be 21 years or older to purchase*

                            • 45 min. ~ $86
                            • 75 min. ~ $116

                              Facial Enhancement ~ Add-On’s

                              ~ Enzyme Peel Add On – $20
                              Removes the upper layer of epidermis.

                              ~ Collagen Mask – $25

                              ~ LED Light Therapy, 10 min. – $15
                              Promotes collagen in the skin, helps reduce wrinkles. Steamed towels are enjoyed on the feet.

                              ~ Plant Peel Therapy – $41
                              Refines pores to youthful glow without irritation or redness.

                              ~ Gorgeous eyes – Contour $20
                              A soothing treatment specially designed for the delicate skin around the eyes. Reduces swelling and fine lines due to aging.

                              ~ Gorgeous eyes – Collagen Dark Circle Treatment $20
                              A hydrating treatment that diminishes fine lines and dark circles.

                              ~ Luscious Lips – $15
                              A three-step treatment that exfoliates, conditions and plumps the lips.

                              ~ High Frequency Treatment – $15
                              This is the final treatment step for preventing further acne breakouts. This treatment helps remove acne-causing bacteria.